Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is AcornCloud?

AcornCloud is a comprehensive Early Years software designed to make the management and day-to-day running of Early Years Services easy, efficient, and compliant.

What Features Does AcornCloud Offer for Child and Family Details Management?

AcornCloud allows you to easily manage Child and Family details, such as contact information, emergency contacts, medical history, and immunisations. You can also track dietary requirements, special notes, and other important information to ensure you provide the best possible care for each Child.

How Does AcornCloud Simplify Application Management and Tracking?

AcornCloud simplifies the process of managing applications and tracking their status. You can easily keep track of each application, review and approve them, and keep Parents informed of their status throughout the process.

How Does AcornCloud Manage Authorised Collectors?

AcornCloud makes it easy to manage authorised collectors by making it easy to add, modify, and remove collectors, and keep track of who is authorised to pick up each child.

How Does AcornCloud Ensure Effective Medical History and Immunisations Tracking?

AcornCloud allows you to keep medical records and immunisations up-to-date for each Child. You can also track any medical conditions or allergies and generate reports to share with Parents.

How Does AcornCloud Simplify Daily/Weekly Schedules and Service Calendars?

AcornCloud makes it easy to manage daily and weekly schedules and allows you to create custom schedules for each Child. You can also maintain a Service calendar to keep track of important events and activities.

How Does AcornCloud Simplify Document Management for Children and Staff?

AcornCloud includes a document library that allows you to store important documents, such as permission forms, waivers, and contracts. You can also use it to store staff-related documents, such as employment contracts, background checks, and training records.

How Does AcornCloud Manage Photos and Videos?

Staff can easily upload photos and videos for Parents of a Child children directly to their AcornCloud portal. This feature allows Parents to keep a record of their Child’s growth and development.

How Does AcornCloud Simplify Daily Management of Meals, Sleep, Medication, Incidents, Observations, and Toileting?

AcornCloud includes tools for managing daily meals, sleep, medicines, incidents, observations, and toileting. You can easily keep track of each Child’s needs and preferences and generate reports to share with Parents.

Invoicing and Accounts FAQs

Can I Use AcornCloud to Manage my Billing?

AcornCloud provides a comprehensive system to process weekly/monthly billing, record payments received and review each Child’s billing statement. Invoices for selected period can be run, generating invoices that can be reviewed and then posted to each Child’s billing account with a few clicks.

Does AcornCloud Create Itemised Invoices?

AcornCloud has the ability to detail Base Booking Fee, Funding deductions for Parents ie NCS/ECCE, Optional Extras and Discounts applicable according to the Child’s booking setup resulting easily identifiable fee payable by Parent to the Service Provider.

Can I Upload Bank Statements to Automate Payment Allocation?

Bank statements can be uploaded to the system using the template provided. Parents are required to reference their Child’s Unique Identifier Number (System generated) on their payments.

Does AcornCloud Provide Debtors Reports?

In the Finance section of the software, we provide a full list of all Children’s billing accounts detailing the account balance and the overall balance of all accounts on any given date. From here you can also access a child’s individual billing account which presents their full statement of account itemising invoices and payments as per your billing cycle.

Can AcornCloud Help Track NCS End Dates and Rate Changes?

In child’s booking and funding setup, you can enter CHICK code dates and rates as detailed on the CHICK code in advance therefore ensuring any changes are reflected accurately in the weekly invoicing process. AcornCloud will give advanced notice on your Dashboard of any CHICK codes die to end.

Does AcornCloud Assist in Absence/Underattendance Tracking?

In the reports section you will find an Attendance vs Funding Hours report detailing the attended hours and the funded hours for each child allow you to track if any reporting is required for NCS returns.

How Does AcornCloud Assist with Tracking Income with Breakdown of Income from Funding Schemes?

AcornCloud provides a detailed Income Report to include Fees from Parents, ECCE, NCS, Discounts, Add-Ons as per your billing cycle. This report is broken down on a per child basis allowing you to easily identify any discrepancies between your records and funding allocations as per the HIVE.

Is There a Link Between AcornCloud and Accounting Software Packages?

There currently is not a link between AcornCloud and Accounting Software packages however, information required to post through these packages is readily available and collated in AcornCloud therefore streamlining the accounting process.

As a Parent, How Do I Check my Billing Account Status?

In the Parents Portal, select the billing tab. Here you can view all invoice and payments posted to your Child’s billing account and your account balance.

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