About Us

AcornCloud is the most comprehensive and Early Years sector specific software and is the result of the Team effort of experienced professionals from all sectors of Early Years.

AcornCloud is led by Clódagh Moynihan who has over 15 years experience in the Early Years and Special Education sectors. Clódagh has a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management industry.

Over the years Clódagh and her Management Team noticed that the day-to-day operations took up too much of the Team’s time and energy. They were constantly fulfilling administrative tasks and needed to find and format a solution to help streamline these processes and increase efficiency.

Unable to source an existing solution that met all the company’s needs, they decided to take matters into their own hands and develop a software solution specifically tailored to the needs of the Early Years sector, resulting in AcornCloud.

AcornCloud has since been leading the way across many Early Years Services, fulfilling its role to make working life in the Early Years sector less dependent on completing multiple written records. This is allowing additional time for Educators to have meaningful interactions with the Children in their care and also to build positive and meaningful relationships with Parents through additional engagement opportunities.

Bring a Modern Approach to Early Years with Automated, Efficient Technology

Streamlines Daily Tasks for Smoother Operations

Supports Staff with Up-to-Date Technology

Makes Services more Productive

Real-Time Updates

Streamlines Accounts and Invoicing

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Improved Parent & Staff Communication